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What is MiniSteel?

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MiniSteel is a quick-fix, battle royale strategy card game made for 2-4 players where you try to vanquish your opponents in order to emerge victorious.

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MiniSteel FAQ

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Can I gain more than 10 HP?
No, 10 HP is the max HP you can reach.


Can I die by poison damage?

You cannot die via poison damage through taking damage at the start of your turn, you can only be reduced to 1HP. However, if you reach 5 poison tokens you die immediately.


If I block part of the Flame Shot, does my opponent still destroy two of my cards?

Yes, if you are unable to block the full damage of your opponents attack, all other effects of the weapon still occur.


If my opponent uses the Scythe or Flame Shot and I will die from the attack but have the Revival Scepter in my hand, can I use that immediately to revive?

First your opponent must complete the rest of the attack and steal/destroy the number of cards indicated from your hand. If after that step is completed you still have the Revival Scepter, then you can revive yourself.

How is the Revival Scepter activated?

The Revival Scepter is automatically activated upon a player's "death" if they have the card in their hand when their health is depleted.

Is the Scythe + Poison Combo Unblockable like the Scythe alone is?

This combo is unblockable and all opponents will take damage and a poison token. 

What does it mean when a card is "destroyed"?

When cards are "destroyed" they are discarded. For example, if you damage an opponent using the Flame Shot, you choose two cards (blindly) from your opponents hand or equipped to destroy.

Can free actions be completed at any time?

No, free actions like equipping cards must be done on your turn. The only exception is the use of a draw token which can be used at any time, except in response to an attack.

Can the Remedy Card be used to block a poison attack?

Yes, you can play a Remedy Card as a counter to an opponent's poison attempt. It can also be used as one of your actions to remove poison tokens you already have from previous attacks.

Do Equipment Cards count toward your hand limit?

No, Equippable cards are played in front of you during your turn as a free action and do not count toward your hand limit. These cards stay equipped until stolen, destroyed or you lose all of your HP and lose the game.

When I use a Hook Rope to steal an Equippable Card, can I equip it immediately?

Yes you can.

Can I use a Draw Token if my turn is skipped?

Yes, Draw Tokens can be used at any time other than as a reaction to an incoming attack.

Can I do anything to defend against the Confusion Dust card if it's played against me?

No, this card is unblockable.

Am I able to view my opponent's hand and choose which card I steal/destroy when using the Hook Rope/Scythe/Flame Shot?

No, the card is selected at random, unless you steal/destroy an Equippable Card that the opponent has equipped in front of them.

Can I block a Poison attack with a Shield Card?

No, the only way to block a Poison attempt is with a Remedy Card.

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